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Reward Categories Empty Reward Categories

on Wed 21 Jun 2017 - 13:36
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Category 1 --> For Clans:

Choice 1 - These gold boxes hand over to leader of clan and then he will award you.
Choice 2 - We will do gold rain and invite the registered players of clan in private battle.
(It doesn't mean that all players of clan are awarded by the gold, suppose it's 6vs6, then this reward is only for those 6 players, not for whole team)
Reward Categories X6bI6T9ZRpqjTXfZ0CjwBA
[Event may be organized on other date and will be live streamed if spectator available]

Category 2 --> For Players:

Players of the month in Tandems
Reward Categories OFSo2M_tSq_WBx3dn93ZCw
Player of the month in Solo 
Reward Categories Hsx6WPzpSFekqZqYTYSDSw 
This is early stage of announcement, changes may be occurs in future. 
This update will be  implemented from 1st June 2017.
So, we are counting your ratings now!

"Best Of Luck"

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