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Discussion area section rules Empty Discussion area section rules

on Sat 19 Aug 2017 - 7:57
The following things are forbidden and will lead to a temporary or permanent block in the forum:

- Insulting (public insults of other players, Clans, Staff members or Developers)
- Using profanity and inappropriate language
- Flooding (making similar/identic multiple topics or posts)
- Creating topics/posts that have no meaning
- Advertising, posting external links (except popular resources like Google, Wikipedia, etc.)
- Creating topics/posts that contain political propaganda or political arguments
- Creating topics/posts containing sexually explicit content of any form
- Creating topics/posts relating to drugs, terroristic activity or any form of discrimination
- Trolling in any form
- Flaming in any form
- Creating topics with uninformative titles
- Creating topics in order to ask a single question. If you have any questions, you can ask it here.
- Creating topics about new ideas/suggestions (Use the Ideas & Suggestions section)

- Creating topics about specific players or clans

This section is made for discussing various topics, but it doesn't mean that it's permitted to create topics for any reason.
For example, topics opened just in order to show some random picture or video will be closed.
Before you create a new topic, consider whether it will be of interest to the community.

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